Downloading & Customizing Buyer and Listing Presentations in Command

downloading & customizing buyer and listing presentations in command

Downloading and Customizing your own Buyer and Listing Presentations in Command has never been easier! Command has easily downloadable templates to get you started in customizing your own Buyer and Listing presentations. Watch a quick video on how to Download Buyer and Listing Presentations. Let’s get started! Login to Command To start, login to Command…

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Setting up Your KW App

setting up your kw app

Your KW app is designed to be shared with consumers. You can share your app with your clients, friends and family and they can share it as well. When people share your app you will always be listed as the agent. When your app is opened, it will pop up near your location with listings.…

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The Green Room

the green screen room

Keller Williams Las Vegas has its very own green room! In our green room you can shoot video or take pictures. We have a green screen that covers one entire wall, so that you can customize the background of your videos and pictures after they’re taken! Our green room is located in the back of…

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Where to Park Your Car

where to park your car at kwlv

Welcome to Keller Williams Las Vegas! We’re so excited to start this journey with you and can’t wait to see your smiling face in the office! When you pull up to the front of our office you’ll see an abundance of parking spots – but which ones can you park in? The spots KWLV employees…

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Customizing Your KW Agent Website

You want to customize your KW agent website and make it your own. So what makes you stand out from everyone else? Here’s how to customize your website. Login to Command Login to Command at If you have trouble logging in or forget your password, click the ‘forgot password’ link below the text boxes.…

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Setting up a Neighborhood Nurture Plan

setting up neighborhood nurture plans in command

Once a contact has been added to your KW Command database, it’s important to ensure you enter their address and have their appropriate neighborhoods assigned to them. From there, KW agents can use Command to add that contact to a regular email update for what’s going on in their neighborhood. This update is known as…

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Connecting DocuSign to Command

connecting docusign to command

DocuSign is a secure, mobile and reliable platform we utilize to electronically sign documents. You can now connect DocuSign to Command for quicker, easier transactions! Login to Command Login to Command at If you have trouble logging in, or forget your password, click the ‘forgot password’ link at the bottom of the text boxes.…

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Setting up SmartPlans in Command

setting up smartplans in command

Command lets you create custom SmartPlans. You can create your own path of touches and when you touch each contact. Your contacts can be on the same Plans or different plans. Here you will learn how to create a plan, add calls, tasks and even automated texts. If it is your first time creating a…

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Creating Your Email Signature with Command

Welcome to KWLV! It’s time to get your email looking more professional! The designs section in Command makes creating your email signature simple. Here is a step-by-step process on how to create your email signature graphic: Step 1: Log in to Command. Step 2: Go to designs in the left hand tool bar. Step 3:…

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