Command for Transactions

Command instructions

Here are instructions on how to navigate through Command, including the upload of your transaction documents, and making file changes. Per NRS645, documents are required to be submitted within 5 calendar days of execution. Per office policy, violation of the 5 days will result in a 2-day delay of commission disbursement. To Change an Opportunity…

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Documents to Review

Documents to review

Here is a list of documents to review in Transaction Desk or DocuSign. Here is how you find documents in Transaction Desk (MLS access required). Here is how you find documents in DocuSign. KWLV Documents KW Affiliated Business and Marketing Service Arrangement Disclosure   KW Buyer Disclosure Las Vegas Realtors (LVR) Documents Addendum for Residential…

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Document Checklists (For Reference)

control checklists to review

Use this as a reference. Some documents are ONLY required for certain transactions, some documents are required for ALL transactions. Command has each document named as required, conditionally required or optional. KW New Home Checklist Download checklist KW Closing Buyer Rep Checklist Download checklist KW Closing Seller Rep Checklist

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The Importance of Compliance

the importance of compliance

What is Compliance? What is Compliance? A Dictionary definition is “conformity in fulfilling official requirements.” Specific to real estate, the “official requirements” are found in NRS 645 and in the Realtor Code of Ethics. As a licensee, it is presumed that you are familiar with the compliance requirements of your business. As your broker, it…

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