Ben Kinney grew from living in a 270sqft shack to building a multi-million dollar empire and now he's going to share his time and wisdom with us on December 2nd at 1pm. Ben runs numerous businesses including the Ben Kinney Training Organization, 25 real estate expansion businesses, several software companies, Forward Coaching and BKCO Mortgage.

Learn more about Ben's story and this upcoming event that you will definitely not want to miss out on below!

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    Event Details

    Nice Guys Finish First Ben Kinney

    When: December 2nd @ 1pm

    Cost: $50 for 50 minutes

    100% of the proceeds will go to the Tom Foster fund to help fund education for real estate agents. In honor of Tom, we kindly ask that everyone wear pink (if possible) because Tom believed "real men wear pink!"

    Ben will be sharing his secrets on:

    • Hiring & Utilizing Leverage
    • Building PROFIT
    • Succeeding Through a Pandemic
    • How He Gives Away a Million Dollars
    • Having a Millionaire Mindset
    • and More!

    Ben Kinney is not your average large business owner. He came from rock bottom and put in hard work and effort to build up his multi-million dollar empire.

    He understands that we all get stuck in a rut, and the rut is created when we focus on things that we can't control.

    Ben Kinney didn't strive for success for his own personal gain, but to be able to help others never have to face the financial struggles he personally had to face growing up. His mission is to help you thrive.

    Ben is determined to share his success on building profitable businesses, hiring and utilizing leverage, how he gives away a million dollars a year, succeeding through a pandemic, and so much more.

    This is an hour that you will not want to miss out on.

    Learn more about Ben and his story below.

    Overcoming Adversity: Life in a 270sqft Cabin

    Ben grew up in Washington and has lived there his whole life and grew up in a broken household. His parents separated when he was a young child (around 2 years old), which also led to him and his sister being split into two different households. Ben went to live with his father, while his sister went to live with his mother. They only got to see one another every other weekend.

    His mother eventually decided to move to another city and his father decided to get as far from civilization as possible while still being able to work and moved with Ben into a 270sqft cabin.

    1/2 of the cabin was filled with boxes and debris, while the other half was a makeshift couch that they split. There was no power and no indoor plumbing, as it was an outhouse that was miles away.

    As a child, this was all Ben knew, so he did not know that it was any different than any other child.

    He remembers being hungry. There was a night when his father fell and broke his leg and could not go to work. Nobody came to help so they had to live off of what they had from the food bank and what they could gather from hunt or fish. There were no labels on the food that they did have, so it was a game of surprise when it came time to open the can for dinner. He would think, "Am I getting olives? Asparagus? Peas? Pears?"

    Shack in the woods
    Kid Walking Home From School

    Going to school, Ben's clothes were always dirty and he felt written off by his teachers and peers. They often wouldn't even let him test out of assumption that he wouldn't qualify.

    When walking home from the bus, he would walk the opposite direction to allude to him living somewhere else. When the bus would leave, he would turn back around and walk home. He sees his mom as a hard-working good mom. She dated some of the wrong people, got into alcohol and drugs even to the point of overdose at a party, and eventually (about 4 years ago) passed due to the years and years of misuse.

    Within 2 weeks, he also lost his father.

    Despite all of that, Ben grew into a successful adult with a variety of successful businesses, and he sets out to teach others how to do the same.