13 Fun Ideas for Reconnecting with Your Metwork

Where will my next listing come from? 

If this question is keeping you up at night, STOP! The answer is right in front of you in your “Metwork.” Your “Mets” consist of people you have already met, whether it was today or folks you have known your entire life. These are friends and family members, business contacts, as well as past clients, who are a powerful source for listings and referrals.

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Farming – The Key to Success in Any Market

It can be tempting for entrepreneurial real estate agents to “go big or go home.” But this successful KW associate explains how to start small and focus on one geographic area, bringing more achievement and meaning to your career.

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Are You Addicted to Not Prospecting?

“If you want to achieve big in real estate, the answer is simple,” says Gary Keller in The Millionaire Real Estate Agent. “You will need a lot of leads.”

Leads are the path to listing appointments, which are the backbone of any successful real estate business. To get quality leads, you must make prospecting your number one focus. If it isn’t, you’ll fall short of achieving your goals and fall into an addiction of “not-prospecting.”

Are you addicted to not-prospecting?

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10 Ways to Take Territory in the Fourth Quarter

Take Territory

Being a top real estate agent means being purposeful and strategic about your activities. And, the right activities at the right time will yield the right results. So how do you know what activities to do and, more importantly, when?

Mega agents and real estate leaders agree that the fourth quarter represents the best opportunity to take territory and create unprecedented opportunities for your business. It’s when traditional real estate slows down, and when you can speed up. This allows you to create momentum and seize market share.

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The Recipe to Becoming a Massive Lead Generator


While working as a bank teller in high school, Keller Williams associate Jeff Quintin had his first glimpse into the earning potential of a real estate agent. During his employment at the bank, Quintin met numerous real estate agents and quickly realized he wanted to start a real estate career of his own. Wasting no time, Quintin began prospecting and generating business. While he was getting the appointments, he wasn’t closing the deals; so Quintin turned his attention to scripts and developing a morning routine that changed the trajectory of his career.

Here are the five steps Quintin took to become a massive lead generator:

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